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Taylor’s Tweet-up June 7, 2010

Filed under: Athletics,Special Needs,Taylor — Brooke Hukill @ 4:35 pm

I can’t thank you all enough for all of the support, encouragement and kind words we have received since posting the big news about Taylor’s opportunity to throw the first pitch this Friday at the Redhawks game. We have truly been blessed with some amazing friends and family!

Some of our friends have suggested a Tweet-up for the occasion and we think that would thrill Taylor to send him out on the field with some last minute support and encouragement. If you know him, I know he would love to see you there! If you don’t, he would LOVE to meet you! Taylor knows no stranger. 😉

Here are the details…
The game is this Friday, June 11th at 7pm. Taylor will be meeting the Redhawks staff at the FanZone at 6:30 to take him out to the field. The FanZone is a big red tent behind home plate in the concourse. The plan is to meet there at 6 to send him off in style and then we can hang out and chat more throughout the game. You can purchase your Redhawks tickets online or at the gate. They range in pricing from $7-22.

We hope to see you there!!!


2 Responses to “Taylor’s Tweet-up”

  1. #TaylorsTweetup 🙂

  2. Amy Foster Says:

    Wish we could be there! Have fun. Aiden sends his best!

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