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Amazing Blessing! August 6, 2010

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I’m so excited I’m crying right now and this news is just too big to tweet in 140 characters! Plus, I never get to blog in the summers…you know with 5 kids and all! 😉

So I’m going about my morning slowly but surely and I get a phone call from my husband who had just left the house. It went something like this…
“I don’t want to alarm you but there is someone snooping around our yard.” (Ryan)
“What!? Do you know what they are doing? Why?” (Brooke)
“Well they are taking pictures of our landscaping.” (Ryan)

Okay, to fill you in our home has massive amounts of landscaping, beautiful landscaping…beautiful when it’s maintained anyways. But this last year has proved itself to be a rough one on many levels. Starting with another surprise pregnancy that ended in bedrest as all of mine do. Followed by depression and too many moments of just being overwhelmed by many of life’s circumstances. I gave up, I did. I just couldn’t keep up during my pregnancy and my amazing warrior was just too busy trying to keep up the business and pick up the slack that our landscaping was let go. I mean REALLY let go. I’ve tried to maintain control of it a few times this year but its overwhelming, I don’t know what I’m doing to be honest. And the amount of time I have had between diaper changes, feedings, doctors appts, and well life has not been much. So it looks awful out there. So bad that last week I received a letter from the homeowners association! This embarrasses me to admit but you have to get a real idea of whats been going on to understand the magnitude of this for me. Okay so back to the conversation with Ryan…

“Are you kidding! That’s awful! I’ll call them and let them know we are working on it.” (Brooke) 😦
(Our amazing lifegroup has offered to come and help us.)
“No, it’s Helen Weis!” (Ryan) In his best smartypants voice that he does oh so well. “She’s taking pictures to use on my blog about curb appeal.”
“Oh! Ok, I’ll go say hi. Talk to you later.” (Brooke)

Helen Weis is the owner of Unique by Design Landscaping & Containers and is going to be Ryan’s Landscaping specialist on his Real Estate blog. So I’m thinking she’s going to show what you DON’T want your yard to look like when you have your house on the market and I go outside to say hello. Then I learn that she’s doing before and after photos! She is going to help us get this mess looking at its best again! This girl is amazing, the best of the best at landscaping! She did Eric & Amy Urbachs yard and if you haven’t seen it yet you’re missing out on a work of art. Ryan hadn’t told me and wanted to surprise me, did he ever! The tears of joy and relief are still flowing from my eyes. I’m just so darn excited!!!

Thank you Ryan for the awesome surprise! And thank you Helen for not running away as fast as you can when you saw how bad it really is! Thank you God for such an amazing blessing today! I love how He surprises us with little gifts like this, just when I needed it the most! God is full of surprises and gifts. Open your eyes today and see yours. Sometimes there big like this but many times they are small little whispers from Him. Don’t miss those small little gifts He gives you, they are what can keep you going when everything around you seems to be too much to handle.

I can’t wait!!!! Stay tuned for pictures! 🙂